Sangetsu Shinagawa Showroom

Jun , 2017

Botanical Living -ボタニカル・リビング-





Chic Nordic -シック・ノルディック-


[Dress Room]



Woody Japanese -ウッディー・ジャパニーズ-

[Work Room]

[Tea Room]



Pre-Modern -プレモダン-



[Children’s Room]



サンゲツ品川ショールーム スタイルショーケース

東京都港区港南 品川グランドセントラルタワー4F

「Botanical Living」「Chic Nordic」「Woody Japanese」「Pre-Modern」の4つのテーマで、12部屋のインテリアディレクション、スタイリングを担当。




Sangetsu Shinagawa Showroom
Sangetsu Shinagawa Showroom, Style Showcase at Shinagawa Grand Central Tower 4F
(Konan, Minato-ku)
From June 30, 2017
The Style Showcase located in four areas of the Sangetsu Shinagawa Showroom, presenting options for interior materials and items, underwent renewal for the first time in two years. Our work in this project involved interior direction and styling of 12 rooms based on the four themes of “Botanical Living,” “Chic Nordic,” “Woody Japanese,” and “Pre-Modern.”